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nomuertamods's Journal

City No-Muerta Mods
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The virus came on swift and fast, taking out more than half the population in the blink of an eye. It showed no signs of slowing down and certainly not of stopping. The virus was easily spread from person to person, starting off with flu-like symptoms; fever, fatigue, muscle aches, etc. Progressively, it got worse with different, unusual symptoms springing up. Aggression, disorientation which led to an eventual deterioration of the mind, and an insatiable hunger.

It looked like the end of the world to everyone. People were sick all over and if they weren't sick yet, they were left to fight off and kill hordes of zombies wearing the familiar faces of loved ones.

But hope and salvation came in the form of an offer from an underground city going by the name of City No-Muerta, a city headed by a mysterious figure and a team of topnotch scientists and doctors. Word got around quick and survivors flocked to the guarded city.

Only 17 people arrived. 9 women, 8 men, but the virus got the last laugh in the end. Thanks to an unforeseen defect in the cure, it left the survivors sterile.

With the population dwindled down low as it was with no hope of repopulation, City No-Muerta resorted to plan B. The leaders weren't entirely selfless saviors, there was a clearly sinister side to them.

They had built a machine, in the event the survivors weren't enough to keep their city going, to keep what was left of the world going. The machine brought others over from various worlds and times and though upon their first breath of the air outside the city, they're infected, they had perfected the cure.

The new citizens are welcomed into the city, shown help and kindness by the survivors, and given a perfected cure... for a price.

To continue receiving the medicine, they have to have sex and mate, do their job to help repopulate the earth.

City No-Muerta is an adult, horror-based panfandom roleplay set in an underground city. We welcome characters from television, comics, anime/manga, video games, original characters, etc. Set after a zombie apocalypse, a city offers refuge for natives and a new home for people they drag from other worlds.




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